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Facing the changing role of leadership.
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Clive Simpkins takes an iconoclastic approach to leadership. Recent research has pinpointed specific characteristics in people who inspire others to perform at their best in a truly sustainable way.

The clichés of ‘leading vs. managing’ are rendered obsolete in a new economy mindset. Globalisation and the fact that news and information travel internationally in seconds, has changed forever the role of leaders – whether business or political. European company heads are living in a ‘revolving door’ career environment that sees them replaced at the drop of the proverbial hat. Their challenge is how to address the conflicting needs of shareholders, stakeholders, the public and environmental activists at the same time. It takes a special kind of person. Simpkins says that you may be the right leader but in the wrong organisation.

He explores the role of internal values and their ‘fit’ with your function, your career and your social life. He works with people in getting these two areas to ‘dialogue’ with each other. He creates awareness of the need to understand the values-drivers of other people, generations, cultures and clusters in effective leadership. He clarifies the distinction between ‘temperament’ and ‘character’ and explores how you can use it to your advantage.

Clive also probes leadership charisma and what he calls ‘vanilla’ or ‘wallpaper’ people – those that blend with the background. He identifies specific, practical, implementable criteria and characteristics towards which aspiring or present leaders can work. They leave a leadership process with him, enabled and knowing that with hard work, determination, emotional and spiritual self-awareness, they can indeed grow to a higher level.

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