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How Clive can help you improve your communication, presenting skills, public speaking to improve your  marketing, strategy and reputation.
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Communicating, Presenting or Public Speaking

Whatever your communicating need – personal, corporate, inside the organisation or outside of it, or for your own business, Clive can help. With an approach custom-crafted to suit your unique needs. Let’s talk about it.

Clive’s book, Presenting, Speaking and Facilitating Secrets is a must-read for this topic. In addition, he’ll work with you on a one-to-one or small group basis (if there are a few of you) to help you brainstorm a strategically-driven presentation, guide you on the creative component, refer you to outsourced experts to create the visuals for you if necessary - and help you present the information or concept to best possible advantage. No theoretical hot air – just intensely practical, implementable tips and techniques to make for immediate improvement and impact.

Public speaking
Whether you’re presenting at a scientific, medical, technology or other congress or conference - or as part of a line-up of business speakers, Clive will help you prepare for it. He’ll guide you through the (possible) conference document summary preparation, your speaking cues or script and how to manage the time for impact to optimum advantage.

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Sustainable Improvement or Change

You’re trying to grow yourself or your abilities and somehow you just don’t know where to start? That’s when Clive’s coaching expertise and extensive personal, business and life experience will kick in to help you. Personal development and change are not easy ‘visualisation’ processes. They’re considerably more complex – but absolutely achievable if you’re committed to the process. This doesn’t mean endless hours of talking and questioning - but rather defining what you’re trying to do, getting to think and act another way and starting to monitor progress.

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Media skills coaching

Whether you need help with print media, radio, TV, media conferences or engaging with social media (Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, Facebook, Twitter etc.), Clive’s own decades-long experience as an expert media guest and radio talk show host will assist you to present yourself with integrity, credibility, competence, professionalism and style. No screeds of fluffy text-book theory, but practical skills, tips and techniques that you can use to get your story or information across in the clearest and most impactful way. We’ll work to keep you ‘who you are’. There’s no formula for the ideal media candidate.

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This is the architectural blueprint for what you want to do or where you want to go. It should be simple. But often, when we’re close to a project or campaign we get a pea-soup fog in the brain when trying to craft one. So having an external sounding-board, devil’s advocate and contrarian against or with whom to test the idea or concepts is a healthy and rigorous way to get going. Clive will help you with every facet.

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Clive’s many years of background in retail marketing and then advertising with J. Walter Thompson and Ogilvy & Mather, are at your disposal to find a simple and effective way to lift your product, service or concept ‘above the clutter’ in the marketplace. It may not even mean or require using traditional media channels at all. That’s the joy of tech today. Let’s talk.

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Profile or Brand Development

If you’re offering what you have in the same way as everyone else offering the same or a very similar product or service, why should we do business with you? Finding a USP (unique selling proposition) that is real and sustainable is the key – and Clive will help you do that. Whether it’s for you as an individual, a brand or product.

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Reputation Management

Your personal or company reputation and track record will have taken a long time and lots of money to develop. It can be destroyed overnight by a host of things. Silly off-the-cuff remarks, bad service, a personal-life indiscretion, a poor response to an attack from the media or competitor, as just a few. Working together we can put in place a proactive plan for handling such eventualities and make sure you’re in a way stronger position than just being reactive when something goes wrong.

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