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Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life
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Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

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Change Your Thinking Change Your Life - a book by Clive Simpkins

What is this book?
“A spiritually-based guide designed to stimulate the thinking of people who want to get on with living and not just existing. How to re-find yourself and your purpose. For disillusioned or depressed individuals, couples, parents, families, corporations and organisations. For spiritual seekers on all paths.” - The author.

This book on change is something genuinely ‘different.’ It’s an easy to read synthesis of learning taken from Clive Simpkins’ twenty three year relationship with his spiritual teacher, Swami Shivapadananda. It includes touching but relevant autobiographical material. Simpkins debunks utterly the concept of ‘motivational’ speakers facilitating change. Instead, he leads you on a journey of emotionally intelligent, integrity-based and spiritually aware approaches that can produce self-empowered and sustainable change.

With a foreword by psychiatrist Dr. Dora Wynchank, it deals in a completely accessible way with depression, psycho neuro immunology, self-esteem, anger, guilt and a host of other areas explored in Simpkins’ life and his international career as a communications strategist, public speaker, media personality and consultant.

Richly embellished with pithy quotations from luminaries through the ages, the book will challenge your thinking and help you find a purpose in your life. Asked what he likes most about the book, Simpkins says, “It brings back some of the real magic of spirituality and change.”

Reader Reviews

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Jenny Crwys-Williams, 702 Talk Radio

˛... an intriguing book. Packed with quotations and Clive’s own passage to spiritual freedom, I’ve heard nothing but praise from people who’ve read it. Take this book slowly - it needs lots of time to digest and think through everything. And it really might just help you to change your life ...˛

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Debby Edelstein, Director, QualityLife Company

“When I first met Clive I was immediately taken with his unusual generosity. He opened his little black book to me with an instant display of abundance-thinking which is rare in business. The same generosity is evident in his books.

It’s a rigorous and honest synthesis of so much wisdom and insight, both his own and the teachings of the books and people who have influenced him on his journey. As an added bonus, there’s a delicious sense of ‘gossip with a guru’ in the personal commentary. If you prefer your lessons spicy rather than bland, you’ll relish the comments about the kinds of individuals for whom he clearly has no patience. (Anyone familiar with South Africa’s burgeoning motivational speaker circuit will love the insider info!)

So it becomes more than a book. It’s a one-on-one consultation with Clive, a peek on to his bookshelves, an introduction to his gurus and an invitation to meet his inner circle. At a time when too many individuals are claiming to have the answers without having done the homework, it’s a testimony to the author’s rigour and rite of passage that he has chosen to publish this book at a time when he has walked the talk himself.”

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Your focus?

Rosemary Miller, Johannesburg Editor, Odyssey Magazine

˛This is a generous, wise and accessible book and the spice of local lore and personalities gives it a delicious South African flavour.˛

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Odyssey review Odyssey review

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“You will find a spiritual gem by opening the book at any arbitrary point. Certainly, this does not mean that because the book's concepts are easy to grasp that the concepts themselves are facile. Au contraire!

Many people will benefit from Simpkins’ candid quest for meaning as he explores various strands of spiritual wisdom while contributing his own, personal experiences. It becomes a one-on-one consultation with the author, who is a psychologist, a priest, a pal, and a person all at the same time.The book is divided into twenty 'change truths', each of which will help you redefine the relationship you have with yourself and help you to adopt a more holistic attitude towards others.

The author gleaned much of his awareness from Swami Shivapadananda, his mentor, teacher, and confidante, and the second President and Spiritual Head of the Ramakrishna Centre of South Africa. What Simpkins presents here is nothing less than a spiritual effusion of his twenty three years of association he had with this holy and elevated spiritual Guru.”

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